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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?
Catholic Medical Center accepts only online applications. We do not accept any resumes that are sent to us by email, mail, or fax. You can view all open positions and apply online on our “Search jobs now” page.

I don’t have access to a computer to apply for a position online. What can I do?
CMC has a computer located in Human Resources office for interested people to apply to any of our posted positions. There are also local resources for you to use such as the local library or career center.

I do not have a resume. Can I still apply?
Yes, you can apply for positions by filling out the online application. Resumes may be cut and paste into the application but are not necessary.

Can I apply for more than one position at a time, and will my application automatically be considered for other openings?
You may apply for more than one position at a time, however we encourage you to maintain a targeted search and apply for a limited amount of positions at one time. Your application is only considered for those positions you specifically apply for.

I am interested in working at Catholic Medical Center but do not see any openings I am qualified for. Can I still apply without selecting a specific position?
No. When applying to CMC you must select a position, in which you meet the minimum requirements.

Once I have submitted an application, will I hear from someone?
Once you have submitted an application you will be sent an automatic confirmation email that it has been received. Human Resources will review the application and forward it to the Hiring Manager if it meets the qualifications of the position. The Hiring Manager will contact those candidates they wish to interview.

Note that the confirmation email may be the only correspondence you receive due to the high volume of applications we receive each year. Due to the quantity of applications, we are only able to contact candidates who best match the requirements of the position. Please be sure to review the requirements listed for each position before applying.

If I am not hired for the position I applied for will I automatically be considered for other openings?
Although all applications are maintained for at least one year, you must apply for other positions you are interested in and qualified for.

Can I call anyone to receive updates on my application status?
Due to the large volume of applications we receive each year, we are unable to provide individualized updates to candidates. Hiring Managers will call those individuals they feel best match the requirements of the position.

How often are jobs updated online?
All positions are updated on a daily basis; from Monday to Friday of each week.

Can I make changes to my application once I have submitted it?
Federal regulations prevent us from deleting or editing an application once it has been submitted to us. However, once you have registered with our website, you do have the ability to change your application once you apply to a new position. This application will be visible to the Human Resources Business Partner and Hiring Manager going forward.

I have registered with the careers website, but am unable to get into my profile. How can I fix this?
If you are unable to access your profile you may contact our Applicant Tracking partner at 1-800-869-5200. They will be able to assist you in resetting your account.

What is Per Diem?
Per Diem literally means “per day.” Employees who are classified as Per Diem are scheduled on an as-needed basis, have no guarantee of scheduled hours each week, and may not be eligible for benefits.

What is a pre-employment health screen?
When you have accepted an offer for a position it is a prerequisite that you successfully complete a pre-employment health screen and have proof of certain immunizations. A representative from Employee Health will contact you to set up the required appointments.

Does Catholic Medical Center conduct pre-employment drug screening?
CMC maintains a safe environment for our patients, visitors, and employees. We currently conduct drug screening on a pre-employment/post offer basis, as well as for cause. We believe patient safety is of the utmost importance and this is one more practice we undertake to ensure this.

Does CMC require employees to receive Influenza vaccinations on an annual basis?
Catholic Medical Center employees and providers are required to receive an influenza vaccination as a condition of employment and maintenance of medical staff privileges. If an employee chooses not to receive the vaccine and does not have a religious or medically approved reason for not getting one, their non-compliance is considered a voluntary resignation. CMC strongly believes getting the vaccine helps to reduce the spread of the flu virus and can help us and our patients have a healthier flu season. This policy supports and aligns very well with our mission and vision to provide the highest quality and safest patient care possible.

Where is Employee Health located?
CMC Employee Health is located in the Medical Office Building at 88 McGregor Street, Suite 303 (3rd floor), Manchester, NH.  Parking is available in the parking garage across the street from the hospital. Enter the attached building and take the elevator to the 3rd floor to access the sky bridge. Once you cross the sky bridge to the hospital, follow the hallway, go up the small ramp and immediately take the hallway on your left. You will exit that hallway into the MOB. Take elevator up to 3rd floor.

Is CMC a tobacco free workplace?
Yes. Catholic Medical Center recognizes that tobacco use is a leading cause of preventable deaths.

  1. The hospital also recognizes the impact of smoking /use of any tobacco products on those who do not smoke.
  2. Second hand involuntary smoke is a cause of disease, including lung cancer, in healthy non-smokers.
  3. The simple separation of smokers and non-smokers within the same air space may reduce, but does not eliminate, the exposure of non-smokers to environmental tobacco smoke.
In light of these findings, Catholic Medical Center has adopted a tobacco-free workplace and campus policy. This policy applies to all patients, employees, physicians, allied health professionals, volunteers, students, campus co-occupants and visitors.

What should I bring with me to Human Resources prior to starting my job?

  • Two forms of identification are required to establish identity and eligibility to work in the United States. This information is required by the federal government to document employment eligibility. Copies of identification may not be accepted.
  • Emergency contact information including name, address and phone numbers
  • Any licenses or certifications relevant to your employment.

How do I learn about my new job?
All new employees participate in a general employee orientation and have a probationary period. During the probationary period, the new employee will be given a department orientation and the department manager or designee will work with the new employee to help them get acclimated to life at CMC.