Physician-Cardiothoracic Surgical Associates

We are looking for a CT Surgeon to provide high quality, efficient, cost-effective, and state of the art cardiovascular and cardiothoracic surgical services for Catholic Medical Center, and other affiliate sites located in the State of New Hampshire. Evaluates each patient's needs and delegates the management of all aspects of patient care to the appropriate care provider to attain the delivery of efficient, cost-effective, quality care. Fosters a work environment for staff conducive to professional growth, accountability and autonomy. Creates and maintains a warm and friendly atmosphere for patients, Catholic Medical Center staff, referring and staff physicians, and visitors.

Under the general direction of the Medical Director of CMC's Heart and Vascular Institute and under the direct supervision of the Senior Vice President of NEHI and Physician Practice Network, within established Catholic Medical Center and departmental policies and procedures and all applicable laws, through own actions or by delegating to appropriate co-workers, the Physician performs the functions set forth below. Notwithstanding anything contained in this job description, the Physician shall not be required to be licensed in any state other than the State of New Hampshire.

Primary Functions

1. Uses independent judgment in the practice of medicine to evaluate each patient's medical status and directs the professional care decisions for cost-effective, quality care.

2. Diagnoses and treats patients consistent with applicable medical standards and any rules and regulations and policies promulgated by CMC, and other regional affiliated hospitals within the State of New Hampshire.

3. Fosters a strong group practice environment with a focus on collaborative comprehensive patient care relative to coverage arrangements between physician and midlevel providers. Works diligently on patient hand off/sign out procedures to ensure both quality of care and optimum patient experience.

4. Acts as an informational cardiac and vascular surgical resource to other health care disciplines, academic institutions, and CMC affiliated organizations.

5. Communicates regularly and works collaboratively by providing feedback regarding the quality of care, specific unresolved patient related issues, appropriate bed utilization, operating room policies, administrative policies, strategic plans and program status.

6. In conjunction with the Medical Director and the Senior Vice President of NEHI & Physician Practice Network, establishes productivity goals and processes for attainment of these goals.

7. Collaborates as requested in the direction, development and implementation of the cardiovascular surgical quality management and risk management plans. Identifies opportunities for and participates in improvement in the care of the cardiovascular surgical patient through the analysis of trends and patterns of ongoing quality assessment activities being performed in each cardiology service department and communicates findings to his/her peers, the Medical Director, Senior Vice President of NEHI & Physician Practice Network, Vice President of Surgical Services, Administrative Director for Nursing, Department Directors, Clinic Managers, Clinical Leaders, Senior Technicians and others as appropriate.

Assesses the clinical competency and performance of all staff members on an ongoing basis. Monitors patient acuity and complexity as it relates to staff skill and knowledge. Collaborates with the Medical Director and Administrative Directors as appropriate to plan and implement staff

8. education consistent with policies and procedures within CMC and satellite offices and affiliates of the CMC Heart and Vascular Institute.

9. Complies with Joint Commission, state, federal and other applicable regulations through the continuous monitoring of and adherence to policies and procedures.

10. Use best efforts to work collaboratively to monitor the office practice and cardiovascular surgery department's compliance with CMC Infection Control standards, procedures and policies. Review infection control outcomes and issues at the appropriate committee, as reasonably requested.

11. Ensures confidentiality of patients, employees, legal and budgeting matters, and CMC matters.

12. Maintains excellent communication; positive working relationships with employees, other departments, regulatory agencies, vendors and the public. Cultivates an attitude of respect, confidence and pride in surgical services provided at CMC and its affiliated partners.

13. Researches new developments in surgical services including, medical, nutritional pharmaceutical health and physical fitness interventions, changes in standards of care and practice, physical facilities, equipment, and supplies so that the achievement of optimum patient care and wellness is possible.

14. Participates, as needed, in the selection process of management candidates for employment in cardiovascular surgical services. Assists the Medical Director, Senior Vice President of NEHI & Physician Practice Network, and Administrative Directors as appropriate in outlining the scope of authority as well as job responsibilities of employees under their direction.

15. Assumes clinical medical directorships as appointed by the Medical Director of CMC Heart and Vascular Institute. Collaborates with designated medical directors for surgical services, the administrative directors of surgical services, and data management services to optimize patient care.

16. Assesses the patient care provided and provides recommendations for resources for establishing and re-fining unit/practice specific standards of care which will assist in the achievement of the delivery of efficient, cost-effective, quality care.

17. Participates in annual strategic planning as needed for the CMC Heart and Vascular Institute with the Medical Director and the Senior Vice President of NEHI and Physician Practice Network.

18. Assists in the development of a comprehensive data base for tracking patient outcomes and resource utilization.

19. Works with the Medical Director of CMC Heart and Vascular Institute and the Senior Vice President of NEHI and Physician Practice Network to develop a regional cardiology network with regional cardiologists and hospital affiliates. Work toward developing a regional standard of care for cardiology, evaluation or tertiary cardiac care access, clinical outcomes and resource utilization. Develops and maintains excellent regional and local physician relationships by initiating opportunities for seeking their feedback about their satisfaction with cardiology care.

20. Works closely with the Medical Director to determine the future needs of the Physician's practice to accommodate the growth of the new programs and new services. Cooperates with PPA to ensure that there is appropriate physician staffing to meet the needs of the patients twenty-four (24) hours per day, seven (7) days per week, and to adhere to the terms of the affiliate contracts.

21. Works consistently to maximize productivity.

22. Conducts himself personally in a professional manner. Specifically, he/she is courteous, pleasant, speaks to other physicians, staff and patients in an appropriate, non-abrasive, and non-aggressive manner. Rude and arrogant behavior or speech will not be tolerated.


Graduate of an accredited school of medicine. Doctor of Medicine required. Board certified in cardiovascular surgery or successful completion of surgical Boards within two (2) years.