Women's Wellness - Physician- OB/GYN Full Time


The Obstetrician-Gynecologist functions as part of the Catholic Medical Center for Women's Health and Fertility/Physician Practices Association/PPA. He or she provides high quality, ongoing health care to women in a natural, holistic medical model. OB-GYN preferably is familiar with Na-Pro technology medical protocols for infertility and other women's health conditions. The care will be provided regardless of culture or circumstance, through collaborative, evidence based practice incorporating compassion, faith, and respect for life.

He or she coordinates consultation and attends to long-range issues of women's health. He or she also serves as the attending physician for hospitalized gynecologic patients.

The OB-GYN is responsible for providing high quality, accessible, cost-effective care that meets the needs of members and is in keeping with the Ethical and Religious Directives of Catholic Medical Center. He or she works as part of a team, which may at any given time include nurse practitioners, certified fertility care practitioners, certified nurse midwives, physician assistants, registered nurses, support staff and other physicians. The OB-GYN is responsible for maintaining high standards of quality care and performance of the clinical team.

The total workload includes scheduled office hours, hospital coverage, hospital rounds, practice development/community outreach, and attending department and practice group meetings.



• Maintains an up to date knowledge base in this specialty.

• Maintains technical proficiencies in order to provide office and hospital services including:

• Endometriosis surgery by excision

• Anti-adhesion techniques

• Robotics surgery

• Provides high quality care to women in both the outpatient and hospital settings.

Specifically this includes:

• Work up, consultation, diagnosis and treatment of female patients of all ages presenting in any condition of pregnancy. This includes cesarean sections and all other procedures related to normal and complicated delivery.

• Non-surgical treatment of female patients of all ages presenting with disorders of the obstetric system or presenting with illness, injury, and disorders of the gynecologic system, pelvic floor, and urinary tract, and mammary glands.

• Performance of office procedures in line with the ERD's of Catholic Medical Center

• Performance of routine and emergency gynecologic surgery.

• Applies clinical knowledge with appropriate and timely decision making.

• Continually expands his/her skills and knowledge to keep up with advances in the field.

• Is eligible for board certification by the American Board of OB/GYN.

• ls complete and detailed in charting and documentation. Records should show logical thought processes, assessment and plan of care. This documentation should meet the standards set by the department.

• Uses accepted clinical guidelines while balancing and adapting them in logical ways to meet individual patient needs.

• Promotes preventive care.

• Maintains technical proficiency. This may include mastering new surgical techniques/equipment by working with preceptors, or attending appropriate courses or workshops.

• Encourages patients to participate actively in their care.


The OB-GYN ensures that patient access to appointments, including urgent consultations, remains within department standards. Furthermore, the OB-GYN:

• Communicates with patients clearly, and in a timely manner.

• Is responsive to patient needs.

• Educates his/her patients regarding disease processes, health maintenance and treatment alternatives serving as a resource for health care information.

• Encourages the patient to accept responsibility for her own care.

• Respects and supports patients in their choices, even if incongruous with the individual values of the practitioner (unless these would result in unsafe medical practice).

• Addresses patient anxiety and its manifestations, while maintaining equanimity.

• Works as an advocate to help patients through the system, responding to complaints.

Eligible for board certification by the American Board of OB/GYN.

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